Plyometric Training

Plyometric training

What is it?

It is also known as Plyo or jump training.
Plyo training is short bursts of explosive movement, where your muscles work to maximum power for short intervals with the ultimate goal of enhancing your speed, power and strength.
It is great for sport specific training, like basketball, football, tennis or any other sport that involves explosive movements. 

What does it involve?

When doing plyometric training you will involve dynamic movements such as jumps, hops, jumping up onto boxes or over hurdles.

The explosive movement stretches the active muscles and gives you even more power for the next jump. This in turn not only improves your strength and power but also your flexibility, aerobic capacity, agility and balance.

Can anyone do it? 

Plyometric training is a highly intense form of exercising so we recommend you have at least a basic level of fitness before beginning. Most people struggle less with the physical act of jumping and more with the mental aspect of jumping on/off a box with both feet. 

It is also a high impact form of training so those with any knee problems should speak to a trainer for advice before beginning! 

When/how can I incorporate it into my training?

Plyometric training is mostly based around lower body exercises. You can adapt a couple of exercises to become explosive for your upper body such as press ups but most people start with the lower body as these muscle groups are larger and generally stronger.
This type of training would be great to replace a strength session for example, instead of training legs twice a week, you could implement a plyometric session to give you variety and include some cardio work too.

Your session wouldn't need to be as long as usual as Plyo training uses up more energy and so your muscles will tire quicker. You'll want to work for 30-60 secs continuously before having a break and repeat this around 3 times per exercise.

Throughout the month we will be showing you different forms of plyometric training which will boost your confidence and hopefully improve your power, helping you to jump higher and faster than you ever have before!

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If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our gym team who can advise you and help you through an ideas you may have for a session!