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Get fit as a team with our corporate membership packages. We can customise your corporate package to include any of the following:

  • Workplace Health Checks: We can arrange monthly visits to your workplace and complete health checks for your team
  • Open weeks: So your employee’s can trial the club before they join!
  • Group Training Sessions: We can arrange group personal training sessions for extra team bonding
  • Payment options that suit you: With flexible options to chose from you can keep everyone happy.

Package 1: Join 5-9 people together for £35.95 per person per month

Package 2: Join 10+ people together for £30.95 per person per month

Contact us for more details! For businesses over 50+ people please enquire for special packages

Do you have an NUS card or work for one of these companies?

  • A Mitchell Electrical
  • Artlenock
  • BAM
  • Billing Service Station
  • Bookers
  • Clondalkin
  • Compass Church
  • Dats Print
  • DG motor services
  • DS Smith
  • Glazerite
  • Howdens Joinery
  • I-floor
  • ICCM
  • KG Patel & Sons
  • Kurt Hobbs Coachworks
  • Lanx Solutions
  • Leecabs
  • Misco
  • NHS
  • Northampton Garage Doors
  • Northants County Council
  • Northants Fire & Rescue
  • Northants Police
  • Old Gramarians
  • Plastic Wizzard
  • Plumbco
  • Prestige Developments/Homeseekers
  • R Richardson Builders LTD
  • Rajani & Co
  • Rushden Golf Club
  • Scott Bader
  • Sir Christopher Hatton School
  • Slimming World
  • Tesco
  • Truckeast
  • UPOL
  • V4Vans
  • Vicarage Farm
  • Virani Foods
  • WACA
  • Weatherbys
  • Wellingborough Indians Cricket
  • Wellingborough Running Club
  • Whitworths

Then you and a buddy can join for £30.95 p/m each!

  • Paid each month by Direct Debit
  • Full Access to Gym, Spa, Pool & Classes
  • Off-Peak access to Squash Courts
  • 12 month commitment



What if I join into a 12 month commitment which I then need to cancel?

Within our terms & conditions that you sign upon joining, it states that you may be released from your contract before the 12 month commitment ends due to the following reasons; pregnancy, redundancy, relocation or medical reasons. In all of these cases we will need a letter evidencing the reason & a £25 cancellation fee. We must receive your request before the 16th of any calendar month otherwise we cannot cancel you until the end of the following month. You can discuss further with our team by giving us a call.

Can I put my account on hold?

Yes, at any point within your membership you can put your account on ‘freeze’ for £5 p/m for 3-6 months. You might want to do this due to injury, holidays or for financial reasons. We will need your freeze request before the 16th of any calendar month to put your account on hold for the following month. Please complete a freeze request form with the staff in person or over the phone.

Can I add my child on at any point within my membership?

Yes, children are not tied in for any length of time. You can add them onto your membership at any point and also take them off at any point. Visit the membership page to see how much membership is for your child. When it comes to cancelling your child's membership, you must follow the same procedure as an adult leaver. See here above.

I have completed my 12 month commitment and would like to cancel my membership, how do I do this?

You need to complete a leavers form with a member of staff or over the phone, this needs to be done before the 16th of any calendar month to cancel you for the end of the same month. If it is after the 16th then we will not be able to cancel your membership until the end of the following calendar month. We will cancel your Direct Debit for you, please don’t cancel it yourself.

What happens if I cancel my Direct Debit?

This does not automatically cancel your membership and can leave you in a difficult situation financially as your account will fall into arrears. If you are having difficulties paying your membership fees, please contact our team who will advise the best action for you to take.

Swimming & Spa


When do swim lessons run?

Our swim term typically runs at the same time as the school term. For more detailed information, please visit the swim section of the website.

What are the regulations for using the Sauna?

Download them here.

What are the regulations for using the Steam Room?

Download them here.



How old does my child have to be to use the gym equipment?

From age 11 children can start using the gym however they can only use the cardio equipment and do body weight exercises in the functional area. You can book your child an induction by calling us on the number below.

What times can the kids use the gym?

Children between the ages of 11 and 15 can use the gym between these hours:

Mon – Wed: 15:00 – 17:00

Thurs – Sun: 15:00 – 20:00

My child has been sick in the last 24 hours, shall I still bring them to their lesson?

No, we ask that you contact the club and let us know you are unable to attend the lesson due to ill health.

Personal training


How often can I review my programme?

We recommend you review your gym programme every 6 weeks, but if you’re not happy with yours, please let us know and we will change it for you!

How do I book a free health check/review/taster PT session?

You can do this by calling reception. Click here to meet our trainers.

What if I need to cancel a session?

You must contact the Personal Trainer directly 24 hours before the session if you need to cancel. If you cancel less than 24 hours then you may be charged in full for the session. 



How do I book or cancel a class?

You can book or cancel classes in club, over the phone or online up to 7 days in advance.

What happens if I’m on the waiting list for a class?

Our system will send you a text automatically when you move from the reserve to the class list. If you need to update your contact details please let us know on your next visit.

Can I book for classes online?

Yes, follow this link and register for online booking with your email address. You can book classes 7 days in advance.

How do I register for online booking?

We need to have your email address on our membership management system, please contact our team if you need to update your email address.



Can I book courts online?

Yes, follow this link and register for online booking with your email address. You can book Squash Courts 14 days in advance.

Can I hire rackets from reception?

Unfortunately at this moment in time we do not offer this service, however it is something we are looking to introduce in the future!

Do I have to wear white soled shoes on court?

Yes! We take pride in our newly refurbished courts and to keep them at a top standard for everyone to use. Please only wear white soled shoes otherwise you may be asked to leave the court.

What are the requirements for juniors to play Squash?

All juniors 15 and under must wear goggles on court and white soled shoes. If these standards are not met the child may be asked to leave the court.



What if I think I’ve lost something in the club?

Due to the amount of items handed into us on a regular basis we can only keep lost items for 4 weeks and may not be able to keep it stored if it is a wet item. If you think you’ve lost something in club please call us on the number below to check if it has been handed in.

Do I need to bring my own towel?

Yes unfortunately we do not have the facilities to provide members with towels so please bring your own. Towels are available to purchase from reception if you forget yours!

What do I need to use a locker?

Our lockers use padlocks (fairly chunky ones) so please bring your own if you have one, if not we sell them in reception for £5 each!

Can I return an item of clothing purchased from reception?

Yes, as long as you have retained the receipt from the date of purchase. We can accept returns if the item of clothing is the wrong size as long as the labels are still attached or if the item is faulty we can accept returns or exchange for another.

Can I bring guests to the club?

Yes you can bring a guest, please see below for prices.

£8 per adult (16+)

£4 per child

How old do I have to be to use the sunbed?

You must be 18 years old to use the sunbed, this is a legal requirement. If we think you look younger than 21 we may ask you for photo ID before purchasing minutes.

Who do I speak to about problems with the Costa machine?

The machine is Costas responsibility so if you are having any problems with is please call them on 0333 0035883 so they can resolve your issue.

What happens if my medical circumstances change?

Please let us know as soon as your medical circumstances change by completing a new Pre Activity Readiness Questionnaire at reception.


01933 277344

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Got an event coming up?

The Ruby Lounge is our private function room, with space for over 200 guests seated! Find out more.

Feel great on holiday this summer!

Join today and feel great! Got a holiday coming up? No problem! Let us know and we will discount your holiday time off your membership! For more information call today! 01933 277344


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